2010 the road from Gold to Goats...

There is much ado in our city as Quatchi and less popular side-kicks prepare to take over the fine town of Vancouver. The olympic advertisements, volunteer dressed in blue and closed roads stir-up an opinion from everyone.

With my flight to Gambia now booked for the 12th of March for me to be here during the Olympics was a conscious decision. When planning my return to the Gambia a decision was made in my heart to stay. Even just being one of 2.2 Vancouver's million, this is my City and couldn't miss her big date with the world.

I have never liked traffic and crowds are seldom my preference yet I wanted to feel and celebrate life. Buried in the noise of glitzy events, incessant product placement, security and athletic escapades there is a gold mine of people wanting to be heard, be seen, be happy, be drunk, be proud, be angry, be involved, be lost, be important, be greedy, be the best and to be loved.

On the eve of the opening ceremony I ask myself... What is it that I want to be? A really I hope to be a child of God. I much as I'd love to expand on that deep thought and what that will mean for the Olympics and the journey ahead I may have to wait until tomorrow as I have work and a bed calling my name.

Anyways, thanks for beginning the journey from Gold to Goats. One short month to go.