A few thoughts 15hrs from my front door

A few thoughts 15hrs from my front door... March 25th, 1pm GMT

Travel in our current day and age is something to marvel - Cheaper, Safer , predictable-(er) and effective-(er) - (even in spite of the recent events)

Over the past half a day my baggage and I have been transported over 10 province an ocean and a couple of island nations while enjoying a climate controlled environment, atmospheric lighting, a warm meal, sufficiently comfortable seating, the protection of competent national and local security professionals, accurate departure/arrival times and quality on demand entertainment. All for less than a week's wages (even at a minimum wage).  

Add in the tools and available to support travel (phones/tablets with data) it is little wonder why our current generation travels for pleasure more than any other in history. (Unverified fact but quite sure it is true) - 

All this said I am very much excited at the thought of getting off the bus I've been riding for the past 2 hours and finding a more comfortable spot to nap. 

Ok, Next thought. 
I had originally planned to sleep on my flight but I also didn't expect to sit beside a national award winning Alaskan professor who happens to be half Fulani and raised in West Africa. (The tribe I live with when in Gambia) needless to say we hit things off quite  well and enjoyed discussing all levels of life in Africa. The arrangement made for an auspicious kick off for the months ahead - granted some sleep may have been nice. Perhaps I can catch up on sleep on my next flight. 

Thanks for you prayers! 

Ready, Set, Go - Gambia 2015

Quick update to let you all know I will be updating my blog over the next couple of months as I return to the Gambia. More to come soon...