Blog confusion

My dear readers,

Thanks for your continued prayers over the course of the project. Your support and of encouragement have meant a lot to me. I have missed your fellowship (especially in this last week) and look forward to my return to Canada.

I believe there is a huge misunderstanding regarding my prelude to GAM-TV. I have tried to reword things to clarify. It is a danger in using a writing media as if thing are not worded precisly they can be misinterpreted and come across poorly. Please accept my apologies and please re-read my edited post.

I thank everyone for your emails long and short. My intension were just to improve the efficiency of the process. However, that is something I've struggled to learn is not the most important thing. Irronicly, it has shown up the past few days of my stay here in the Gambia.

I hope you have enjoyed reading the blog and understand its imprefections as an honnest representation of the missions field. I do this as I feel the need for transparency in our walk with God. All too often the media we receive (even with-in the church) is sugar coated and makes the outside things look far sweeter than they are or simply puts the emphises on the were the joy is truly found.

As in 1 John if we claim to walk without fault we simply decive oursleves and do not walk in the light. As Paul stresses through out his letters, we are to strive towards improvement of our walk.



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Nat said...

Hey friend! I'm glad you are coming home soon, I miss you. Have a good last few days.