T minus 11hrs12min

The hallway upstairs is lined in mesh bags. One for pants, shirts, drugs (the medical ones), a guitar and a week's worth of underwear. I guess I'll find out what I forgot when I'm there - and of course realize what I could have left at home.

The final days have been mostly details although, not finding my good shoes after moving houses triggered an emergency shoe purchasing expedition 30mins before mall closing (quite possible every girl's dream situation). Admits the chaos were great moments of peace, encouragement and fun. Notables included Sunday's the snow shoveling team to scrape the ice off the driveway, time with my grandma and the streams of visits, emails and phone calls filled prayers and heart felt words which provided repose between errands. Thank you.

A huge thanks to Mark for taking up valuable holiday time to get the web site up and running on such short notice. As well I am so thankful for my parents who have been called up to pinch hit many times this week and being so understanding.

From here planes take me the Minneapolis, Amsterdam and Madrid before I'll touch down in Yundon International Airport (home of Africa's only NASA approved space shuttle landing strip) mid day on the 8th.

Anyways, enough typing asd the morning comes fast and those mesh bag will not pack themselves...

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