A Wedding, a Bet and a Birthday

My First Fulani Jamballi

I recently had the privilege to witness a traditional Fula Fuladoo wedding ceremony on the North Bank of the Gambia. With permission from the family and community I was able to document the wedding to my best ability and sought cultural explanations for the things I saw and might have otherwise missed.

This record is not intended to be academic but rather observational. It is also by no means is the definitive Fulani wedding guide as all villages and families have their own idiosyncrasies.

All said, I hope it captures the essence bringing understanding to the unique beauty and quirks of the Fulani culture.

The document full of pictures can be found here at this link. Enjoy

Please let me know if it doesn't work as I have been fight the internet for a couple of days to get it up. I think it is good but can't confirm. 

West Africa Cycling Tours

One of the projects I'm currently working on to help support the local economy and the scholarship program.

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Will Dodu speak Fula?!?

I have a date of June 12 marked on my calendar by which time I wish to be speaking conversational Fula. I told people on the compound I will owe them 5 Dalasi if I need to speak English to them. Place your bets now.

We are making Jewelry now!

Interested in supporting local fula woman in rural settings and looking fashionable at the same thing. Check out these sweet earrings made from a local bean.

$4 a pair let me know your order by the end of May. I will bring them back mid July. 

African Birthdays

If you are one who fears getting old African birthdays are for you. Most people here don't even know what year they were born on never mind the day. Many simply point at a cow or a tree to help provide a rough estimate of age (guess you could count the rings if you where really curious).

I spent the day going about my business (working with a friend on a music project), read a card from my parents and received a simple Happy Birthday wish from a close friend who happened to know. 

32 is looking to be a good year. :) 

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