Week 1

Our first week in The Gambia has been a wonderful whirlwind of activity. 

We have now settled into the routine of having no routine. Plans are suggestions as very few Gambians have day planners and fewer have watches. The haze of Sahara dust often hides the sun’s location to further mask time. 

On her 2nd day in The Gambia, Jody became the 80th member (and honourary president) of the Picadilly- Latrikunda Kafo (women’s coorperative). This group was started last time I was in The Gambia and had 24 members.  They learnt how to make and sell local mooringa and beeswax soap. (Let me know if you are interested in buying some $2 a bar) 

We have started to reconnect with students and student leaders with-in the scholarship program. There are some great stories of progress and others facing great challenges. Over the coming weeks we will be working with the leadership and investigating ways in which the program can become more self sustaining. 

Jody has been amazing in her integration into the community, she has taken to morning washing and going to the market. Her attention is sought after by all the kids. She has learnt just how mischievous these little ones can be.

In general living, the community graciously upgraded the place in which Jody and I stay. There is a small kitchen space with a gas stove and running water!!! We made a stop at Amsterdam (a local store specializing in selling discarded second hand items from Dutch thrift stores) to outfit the space and it has allowed us to be more hospitable to the many guests who frequent our door. 

Thanks for staying up to date with our journeys and for your prayers and support! 

Haa Yesso! (Until later) 

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Bring home some soap!