Belief and Truth in the Dance-a-thon of Life

Belief and truth can at times be awkward dance partners in the dance-a-thon of life. 

Truth is experienced and wise. Her steps are firm, unyielding and certain. Yet she seems to find a way of being elusive changing shape as you move around the great big dance floor of life. When you are tripped up you are not sure if she has moved or it was just your imagination. Judges and critics sum her up her up with numbers, fans take pictures and while haters try to make her out to be a liar and a cheat. Yet she doesn't seem to pay much attention to critics, she remains true to form. 

Belief is young and free, trotting around the dance floor to his heart's desire. Until of course, truth gets in the way. Most of the time belief does its best to be in step with his partner but, often he gets distracted caught up in his own fancy footwork. At times he will take exception and will argue with Truth. If he persists long enough truth may just seem to move to accomadate the new rhythm and open to a new movement. However more often than not it is Belief that must learn to yield to the wise and experienced Truth and really should be respectful and diligent to do so.

But don't think truth can steal the show alone, Truth's is nothing without him - Belief sets the tone, can bring pain and suffering, bore her to death or put love and joy to her step.

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