New Money!

Gambia is soon getting new money with a familiar face!

Gone will be the days of soiled damp and taped together dalasis which scream 'Where is the hand sanitizer?' after every purchase. 

Note newish current bill vs a typical bill to help get an appreciation that it is time for some real change (cheesy literary device fully intended!)

The new series is similar to the recently minted Canadian bills and features tear and moisture (sweat) resistance allowing it to endure the heavy wear of a cash society enabling it to be able to stay in circulation seemingly forever. 

A D20 bill replaces the odd yet sought after D25 bill. As well a new D200 bill will be added to reduce the number of suitcases of money it takes to sell a D250,000 cashew crop or buy a big chunk of land from an Alkalo (village chief) who doesn't have a bank account. 

While the landscapes on the back remain unchanged the front removes the traditional African faces and replaces it with their current leader, demonstrating to all the country's development progress and stability of the democratic political situation which the Gambia enjoys. 

Please join me in congratulating the central bank on their new Dalasis! 

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Mme. Tyrrell said...

Although there is little variety in the faces on the bills, I do like the variety of birds...