Going, going, almost gone.

Where did the week go?

I'm currently on the lawn in the speckled shadow of the willow tree which canvasses my backyard. A yellow post-it proudly displays the shrinking list of task which preclude my departure. These I scribbled down between day dreams and short bursts of actual work on what may be may last day as a Creo employee. (I'm not quitting, it just will be called Kodak when I get back, I'll be a Kodiak when I get back)

My week traveled through the dark valley of a vector calculus midterm, to a fountain of joy with when a couple of Fedex boxes on my porch and a the rush of a packed stadium where Bono himself called people to the aid of the poor and helpless in Africa. Like a prelude to a beautiful symphony the week's melodies have paraded through carefully woven to introduce what lies ahead. A journey that will undoubtedly challenge my character, open my eyes to colours previously unseen and expose a soul to the oceans of the world.

Before I get carried away with a lame attempt of putting my experience into words on a screen. My sticky note listed a reminder to thank everyone for their prayers, encouragements and support. It has humbled and encouraged me to no end, people must think I will make a difference. With such an experience of joy, peace and power, I am almost ready to head-on down to Deer lake to try walking on water.

However it has managed to stay off my tattered yellow friend. Unfortunately, my faith isn't quite there yet and the microscopic creatures in that lake are most likely worst than anything I'll see in Gambia....Maybe tomorrow.

Normal is Over.


Nat said...

Have a fabulous trip friend.
I'll be prayin for a lots.
(Don't forget to bring me back a rock.)

Anonymous said...

have fun

one of the 'strange-guitar-people-you-met-at-victoria'