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Hello everyone!

Thanks for checking the Goat Post.

I choose a blog to update everyone of my Gambian adventure. I hope you'll enjoy the format. It will no doubt give a more intimate view of life than a traditional newsletter. It also gives you all oppertunities to comment and ask your burning questions. You don't need to sign up for anything but please put your name in your comments so I know who left them.

*** Please excuse typos which will litter this blog. I think faster than I type this leads to problems... thanks for your patience and understanding. Otherwise, enjoy!

Well, Gambia sits on the horizon no more then a 2 1/2 weeks down the time pipe. I have started a count down on my white board at work to give fair warning to all who wish to pile their urgent work requests. Some have caught on and are taking full advantage.

On Monday the Gambia team commences our Malaria meds. Most of us are taking Larium, the pharmasudical that makes your dreams come alive in full spectrvision. Our goal is to sync-up our dosages (one a week) so we all wake up with comperable dream squencies. The other more logical reason is so no one forgets admist the countless other things which will be on our minds.

The crunch of preperation has been chewing on my schedule like a teething dog. It is hard to believe I'll get it all done... an exam, assignment, taxes, a heavy work load, shopping for the final peices of recording equipment and the countless administrative tasks which make for smooth traveling. All this has made sleeping a challenge, an unfortunate fimiliar reality as the readers of the badgerlounge may have noticed.

Although my body is worn, my spirit has been strong. I anxiously await to serve and see mircles of God's hand. In a sense they have already begun...


Anonymous said...

Wow Mike, Wish I could be there. Hope you have fun. Never know I might join you all sometime! Kat

peaeater said...

okay, i'm signed up. dang blogspot website don't make it easy to find the rss feed. [psst - just add /atom.xml]

go mike go.


Chelle said...

Hi Moo!
I think stress-related insomnia runs in the family (I've had my share too). You've sure got a lot on your plate right now - so your mind is probably on overdrive.
If you've got one of those heatable bean bag things, try wrapping it around the back of your neck when you lay down - I find this, and warm applesauce, helps to knock me out when my mind is running on a hamster wheel.
Take care of yo-self!
Love, Chelle.

Mike said...

If I was a hamster, I'd stop running for applesauce too.

mmm, applesauce.

atom.xml?!? I'll assume you aren't talking about chemistry.

Anonymous said...

Hey mike! rememeber me kim lol good times at summer fun hope u have an awsome time there in africa when u get back we gotter meet up sometime and catch up on everything email me sometime when u get back have fun, KIM

Anonymous said...

Great start Mike
Hope all your cool team is energized - we know you all will
make a difference. Received reminder on Email to pray - great
idea Love MJF hey same initials!

AJ at home said...

Happy Mother's Day Mike;
We just read the update.
GREAT work! Keep it up but I am sure this will be a challenge cause it takes time.
Real work is just about to start.
Your Mom said she can't find the cords yet but still searching. Any other places?????
Hope the music comes together.

psalms 63:7

Anonymous said...

Cables have been found
right where you thought they were!
Sent Email which you will get
in Gambian time.

Loved your latest blog updates
love MJF

Anonymous said...

Just read a bunch of your 'blogs' -encouraging, challenging and funny! Had some good chuckles and personal reflections -likely will do so for the next few days before I head to Europe for only God knows what... Woke up this morning myself with the question of 'What am I doing? God, if you're not going with me, tell me now so I can change me plans...'
At any rate, I'll keep praying for you and the team (I have that picture of you and the balloon dancer out to remind me...) :)

I am the blog!!! said...

hey bro,

I'm sad to say that I've got my own blog thingy... Maybe you could take this opportnity to educate me on what a blog is. Cause if it's some weird cult or something I'm just too busy.

Anywho, I sent you the mother of all e-mails before I read that you don't like mother load e-mails. so I was thinking maybe you could read a paragraph a day or something. that way my fabulous writing won't go to complete waste. have fun,


Mike said...

that is okay Jord it is the ultra short ones I don't like. I'll download to my notebook or reading at a later date. :oP

and just a heads up to all you can post you comments with the latest posts. It makes it easier to track new ones.

Great to hear from everyone.